Pride and Prejudice/First Impressions Review

Today I will be writing a review on the early romance novel Pride and Prejudice or First Impressions, to give it it’s original title, by Jane Austen.

My first thoughts after I read Pride and Prejudice was “phew”!!! It took me at least a week to get through and I am quite a speedy reader. I found that although Miss Austen does describe extremely well she did tend to use quite “flowery” language and emphasise points that did not need to be emphasised.

Despite these points she does have a remarkable way of creating relatable characters that really helped to keep the story alive. For example I wanted to be Elizabeth Bennet, I was attracted to Mr Darcy, I laughed at Mrs Bennet and slap Mr Bingley’s sisters.

This is the first classical book I read and properly understood. Most of the classical books I have read have been dull and dreary but this one I actually managed to relate to and comprehend. Jane Austen, for me anyway, actually made classical books interesting and fun for me. I look forward to reading some of her other works.

Overall rating:  8/10

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Best of Both Worlds

Today I suddenly found out what it is like to live with the best of both worlds. How I hear you ask? Well… During the day today I went shopping and had a complete and utter girly day with my best friend. I bought two pairs of shoes and a skirt and everything I bought either co-ordinated with each other. At the end of the day my dad asked me to help move our pregnant sheep from the field into a shed as we fear there may be a storm brewing. Rounding up sheep is no easy milarky let me tell you! They run all over the place, don’t listen to you and ram into you regardless of the fact that you’re trying to help them. After that I helped out around the farm and just generally helped it was real fun and it felt great to be outside with my dad. 

This begs the question;

What do you prefer, the fresh country air or the lively city fumes?

I’d say I definitely prefer the country air but it is nice to see the city once in a while. 

Comment with  your opinions. 

Indigotides xx

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